Fuel Your Project Right

Stay on top of the cost, usage, and downtime of fueling with Dooley Oil’s tank renting and leasing system.
Never fall behind, always stayed fueled. 


Renting a fuel tank allows you to control how much fuel goes into the tank and the equipment. Giving you the opportunity to keep an accurate fuel budget and decrease spending.

Time Management

No more pesky trips to the gas station. Our tank rentals are easily relocated, and can be placed anywhere they need to be. Ensuring that your equipment can get fueled and keep moving without relocating for fuel.

Fuel Usage

Our tank renting program guarantees that you won't miss a fill-up. Tanks are filled immediately after setting and put on a filling schedule to ensure that fuel is close and accessible. Fueling never gets this easy.

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Start Refueling With the Experts

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Tank Monitoring

Dooley will provide you with wireless tank monitors to ensure that you don’t run out of fuel, and optimize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your fuel purchasing. Eliminate the tracking and administrative burden from your team and put the responsibility on us for keeping your tanks filled with the fuel needed to support your business.