Understanding the Differences Between Diesel Fuel Grades

Diesel is commercially available in many grades. The grades of course have their own advantages and disadvantages and must forgo certain characteristics in order to achieve different features. For example, #1 grade diesel fuel has lower energy components compared to, #2 grade diesel fuel. #2 diesel fuel will also gel up in cold weather environments. Read more to help you understand the differences between #1 and #2 diesel fuel varieties.

#1 Diesel Fuel

#1 diesel fuel products have less energy components and are more expensive than, #2 grade products. However, it rarely has problems in cold weather conditions, which is completely the opposite of #2 grade. This is because paraffin (a type of wax) has been removed from the chemical mix. The absence of this chemical allows it to remain in liquid form during the winter months.

#2 Diesel Fuel

#2 diesel fuel is the most readily available at most gas stations throughout the world. This chemical compound holds the highest amount of energy components and lubricant properties in one mixture and offers the best fuel performance available on the market today. Most studies show that #2 grade diesel fuel will protect injection pumps, seals, and other important engine parts.

Typically, #2 diesel fuel is less expensive than #1 diesel fuel.The downside to #2 diesel is its tendency to mold into a thickened gel when the temperature drops. This often leads to hard starts and other complications during winter.

Where to find high-quality diesel fuel

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