Fleet Fueling

Take advantage of our Cardlock system available at all four of our locations.  Have the convenience of receiving a summarized listing of all fuel transactions for your fleet organized by vehicle each month.  Our pumps are fast, and our yards leave plenty of space for large trucks.  This allows you to save time and avoid crowded truck stops.  Our fuel is additized year around for your convenience.

Call for pricing and set up.

Oil Delivery

We deliver bulk and packaged oil, grease, hydraulic fluid, DEF, and assorted other lubricants as needed, and of course these items are available at any of our bulk plants.  We can come set tanks as needed and even set up a schedule to ensure you never run short on what you need.  We are a licensed distributor for Shell, Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Chevron, so we can take care of you if you have a national account.  Call us or stop by today to see how we can make life easier for you.

Visit our Products Page to see what we have to offer.


Bulk Fuel Delivery

Available for those big jobs that require up to 10,000 gallons, we have a fleet of bulk tankers available to take care of your service station, convience store or large tanks at your business.
We can deliver the next business day. You’ll save money by buying in bulk. Call for a tanker load quote today!

Tank Rentals

We have an inventory of tanks ready to go. Tanks are available from 500 & 1000 gallon sizes (with 12V DC or 115V AC pumps) to 12,000 gallons. We can often set a tank at your job site the next business day. You don’t need to be worried about fueling related down time and your equipment stays working longer by having a tank on site. Saves you time and money..
We are also a distributor for LIQUIDYNAMICS if you are interested in purchasing any of your own equipment.  Follow this LINK to view a catalog of available products.  Please also contact us if you are interested in purchasing your own tanks.


Onsite Fueling

Available seven days a week – 364 days a year. We have experience fueling all types of units, mobile or permanent, at your job site or business. You don’t need to be worried about fueling related down time, tying up an employee to fuel, and your equipment stays working longer by having us do the filling. Saves you time and money