Is Wet Hosing & Mobile Fueling Right For You?

Companies that utilize large fleets of trucks or equipment for their daily operations acknowledge the importance of having an efficient fuel management program. The main purpose of this program is to optimize schedules through fast and seamless fueling systems.

That said, wet hosing is a fueling process that businesses are using as opposed to off-site fueling, simply because it is a more economical option in terms of time and money. But what exactly does wet hose fueling entail?

Wet Hosing Explained

Wet hosing, also known as mobile fuelingfleet fueling, or on-site fueling, is the process of filling the tanks of large site equipment from tank trucks. These tank trucks are driven to locations where equipment that require fuel and are not in-use can be stationed.

When wet hose fueling was first practiced, it was only done for off-road vehicles that ran for long periods of time in remote locations. Currently, mobile fueling is conducted in various places like farms, logging operations, and construction sites. The wet hosing of on-road vehicles has been practiced in many areas for decades, although the total amount of diesel used to refuel these vehicles has been considerably smaller than that of off-road vehicles. As many of us know and witness daily, most on-road vehicles are taken to fixed-base fueling stations for refueling.

Wet Hosing vs In-House Refueling

Typically, construction companies and other businesses that require non-stop operating fleets purchase an in-house fuel tank and their own lubricant supplies to conveniently refuel their vehicles and maintain their equipment. This practice works toward the goal of achieving optimal efficiency, savings, and time usage. However, there is a more cost-effective strategy to refueling large fleets of trucks and equipment: wet hosing or mobile refueling. More and more commercial businesses are incorporating on-site fueling into their fuel and lubricant management solutions, specifically to monitor fuel and oil consumption, gather equipment usage data, and evaluate product inventory.

Benefits of Wet Hosing

Reputable and seasoned mobile fueling distributors like Dooley Oil have the foresight to service a company’s equipment whenever needed. This provides ample time to reserve for productivity and operations rather than refueling. With regard to equipment, Dooley’s on-site fueling experts can also help ensure that the right lubricant product is used for specific types of equipment. Using the wrong lubricant can cause serious damage to valuable and expensive equipment.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of wet hose fueling is the sheer amount of savings that companies can gain from it. Choosing Dooley Oil guarantees a reliable mobile fueling service that has years of experience in the industry, you can be confident and secure about the amount, method, and schedule of your equipment fueling. Get in touch with the Dooley experts today to put you ahead of your competition.