Emergency Services

In the healthcare industry, there is no time for downtime. That is why Dooley Oil has fast, flexible, and reliable services so you never have to worry about it. Offering premium products from top brands we stand by helping you help others.

School Districts

Buy better, stay fueled, and ensure safety. We offer hydraulic oils needed for your fleet components, gear lubricants, heavy-duty antifreeze, general high-performance engine oils, and multi-purpose greases. Operating large machinery requires quality products for optimized results, at Dooley we promise quality service so you can do your job with ease.

Oil Field Services

At Dooley Oil we know that the business of drilling and refining oil and gas is a dangerous and important business. That is why we offer dependable products that deliver consistent results in a variety of tough environments. We want to provide you with quality upkeep of your gears, hydraulic systems, bearings, and more.


With Dooley's wide range of products for municipal fleets, heavy equipment and municipal plants we can find the product that not only fits your budget, but provides lasting results. We work to maximize equipment at the lowest life cycle cost, because we know you need the best value with the funds you have available.


As a bulk fuel expert we can eliminate common refueling problems, any potential fuel issues, and logistical problems that may arise on your next jobsite. We offer an on-call delivery service that makes it easy to adjust to work schedules and weather conditions. We can come to you when it is convenient and where it is convenient.


We offer premium industrial lubricants for any industry. Ranging from industrial oils, fluids, greases, and sprays in many of the quality brands or types of lubricants to fit your needs. Clients can rest easy knowing that they will receive high-quality products every time they order lubricant from Dooley.


Whether your fleet includes 2 tractor-trailers, or 150 school buses our products will keep your drivers on time and on the road safely. We are one of the largest distributors of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) and we offer a Fluid Analysis Program that helps you optimize drain intervals, reduce maintenance and repair costs, and ensure maximum life of your fleet vehicles.


Dooley Oil is a premium wholesale industrial lubricants distributor for Wyoming and surrounding areas. We stand by our reliable delivery services with one goal: to quickly and safely deliver top-quality lubricants to our clients. We offer only the best products available, with quality lubricants from Shell, Chevron, Pennzoil, Quaker State & Shrader Oil.