3 Ways to Prepare Your Heavy Equipment for the Winter Season

Preparing for winter can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few tips to help you get your machines prepared for the harsh winter season. 

  1. Store Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) properly. DEF freezes at prolonged exposure to temperatures of 12 degrees or lower, so make sure the area you choose to store it at is well-insulated. Keep in mind, DEF does thaw out, so store the fluid in an appropriate container to avoid it bursting during expansion. If your DEF does freeze, it is still fine to use once thawed. 
  2. Install the correct lubricants and condition hydraulic hoses. We know it can sometimes get pretty cold even in October in the West. Before it gets too cold outside, install the correct engine, hydraulic, transmission and final drive lubricants for your exact machine. Before starting the machine, check each level to ensure they are fluid enough for proper flow. You can do so, by checking each dipstick while the equipment is cold, if the oil drips without delay, then it is fluid enough. 
  3. Always run the engine until it reaches operating temperature. We know life sometimes gets busy and, we don’t always want to let the engine fully heat up. Run the engine until it reaches full operating temperature. This will ensure that your machines run properly and last the longest that they are made to. Give your machine a nice stretch and cycle through all of the machine’s functions to distribute warmed oil until they all operate with ease. Help prevent the intake and exhaust valves from sticking by running your engine before you begin each day’s work until it reaches operating temperature. 

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